I don't think you should be doing that.

Carry this in your purse.

One in four consumers thinks that prices will continue to rise in the future.

I don't have to apologize for what I said.


I could see nothing good in this city.

Soon, newspapers won't be printed on paper. They'll only be available through the Internet.

His most important adviser was Henry Kissinger.


I need to start saving money.

Marching is one of the avenues for social protest.

I heard there's a lot of MILFs in China.


I could use a drink.

He is the cash-box for his company.

Is there anything else you remember?


Kikki looked at the ring John gave Kay.

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This study grant was given to me by the departmental council.

It's still true today.

I'm going to go out on a date with her.

I should've known you were behind all this.

I heard that Brush's mother is a prostitute.

Tyler wants you to ask her out.

That was nothing.

Esperantists often travel to foreign countries.

I sucked up the dust on the floor with a vacuum cleaner.


Smiling is a cheap way to be prettier.


Are you talking about them?

My cat slept next to me.

An autumn breeze begins to blow.

They were the first to get into the bus.

I heard Lorien hates publicity.


We'll take you with us.


I'm aching to tell this good news to my family.


Give us any help you can.

We always go home together.

Did Sanity borrow any money from you?

In tennis and ping-pong backhand the hand is turned backwards in making the stroke.

I was disillusioned at her private life.


Miss Sato is in charge of my class.

Paris wasn't built in a day.

We objected, but she went out anyway.


Clyde tried to put Rafael at ease.


I would die for her.


People are still scared.

If God is with us, then who is against us?

Ewondo is the language spoken by the Ewondo tribe of Cameroon.

He felt as if he were in a dream.

I want to dive off the cliff.


Ariel is discontented.

When I take a deep breath, a pain runs down the right side of my back.

Starbuck regrets stopping.

I told Colin I would help.

Let's sit down in the shade of that tree.

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I prefer milk over juice.


We should let Sally make up his own mind.


The ship made for the shore.

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Let me not be wronged.

We've done something similar to that in the past.

We should have gone on a cooler day.

She came into the dining room to find it empty.

Real pointed at Dave.

They aren't happy to see him.

I'm sure that shirt will look good on you.

You like apples.

Clifford is not happy to see Jess.


Jacques is the baby of the family.

I'd never seen anything like it.

The doctor who did the surgery is now talking with Harry's family.


I have been there scores of times.

I have to go. It's getting late.

Pratapwant is an undergrad.

Are you being truthful?

This tie goes with your shirt.


I try to eat right.

Last year she left Japan.

He is an unsung hero.

Stop talking out of your ass.

Debi fed the horse.

We could use a hand.

Sjouke really wanted to know what had happened.

Jussi will be back in about three hours.

The rocket was hardly up when it exploded.

I would rather be poor than make money by dishonest means.

I think Barney is lucky.


I am a German architect.

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Just because you have imposter syndrome doesn't mean you're not a fraud.

It is impossible to read her handwriting.

Light travels faster than sound.

The frying pan is rusty.

Hohn isn't afraid of experimenting.

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I started so I'll finish.

My house is close to the park.

She praised her son.

And what, do I give off the impression that I am unable to take care of myself?

I wonder where everyone is.


Is this your room?

Jeanne likes to look at pictures of cats.

They may be poor, but rich in spirit.

I think James does a fantastic job.

That would be wonderful.

I knew you weren't really dead.

Everyone in the room laughed.

If you like Dan, translate his sentences.

She applied her mind to her new job.

Well sports day is over too, next the midterms ...

She probably can get along well with her mother-in-law.

I like things the way they are.

You're Pat's parents, aren't you?

I'm going out with Vadim tonight.

This building is very large.


Space turned off his headlights.

Washington was the most famous man in the United States.

She didn't answer.

Ouch! I bit my tongue!

I confess I'm miserable.

My father is a good speaker of English.

Come on, hurry up. You'll miss the bus.


He is from another world.


When Wendy left, I told him he'd be back someday.


It is difficult for me to skate.


All of my kids want to learn how to speak French.

We usually went to the zoo on Wednesday.

None of those books is interesting.


Jimmy is to some extent capable of performing this operation.

The portrait looks exactly like the real thing.

I wonder if Monica plays tennis.

I'd love to find out why she said so.

What about you? Will you have orange juice, too?


He probably likes you.

He forgave me.

You can't go there.

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"Was there anybody in the room?" "No, there was nobody there."

We are doubtful about the train leaving on time.

Everyone was invited, except for me.

She chased after me.

I'm starting to feel desperate.

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After the accident, the car lay in the street upside down.


His parents approve of the engagement.


I have to catch that train.

We can get that done.

Sjaak complained about his low salary.

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Starting tomorrow, it's going to snow for a week.

This is my brainchild.

This refill lasts half a year.

Three people were stabbed on Park Street last night.

Hurry or we'll be late.

He looked confident but his inner feelings were quite different.

He was playing on the swing in the park when a stranger came by and offered her sweets.

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We need transportation.

We couldn't find Edith's contact lens.

I am rich, fat and happy.


The restaurant was a bummer.

Foreign people intrigue me.

He took a walk before breakfast.


Erick provided evidence.

Joey doesn't understand Shane.

He likes mathematics, but I don't.

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Behind thermodynamics lie the movements of atoms and molecules following the laws of motion learned in the first volume.

I'm not done deciding.

I do not need money now.